Every year I dream of hosting a themed party straight from the glossy, happy world of Pinterest but when you find yourself doing everything with a baby on your hip, the chances of perfection are greatly diminished.


As a mom, I find that I’m constantly putting unnecessary pressure and stress on myself in the raising of these beautiful children of mine.  And it’s time for that to stop!  This year for Ellie’s birthday party, we opted for an afternoon of good old fashioned fun!

What Time is it Mr. Fox?

Playing “What Time is it, Mr. Fox” sure is fun with a bunch of preschool aged kids!  Maybe they’re just playing in military time, but be prepared for it to be “twenty o’clock”.  With this game, Mr. {or Mrs.} Fox lines up at one end of the yard while the other children form a line and shout “What time is it, Mr. Fox?”  Taking small or giant steps, each child paces the number of steps to match the time.  When the fox yells “midnight”, everyone runs!  If you get caught, well… that’s not so bad.  Now you’re the fox and the game continues!  what time is it mr fox simple birthday party game ideas

Make Some Music

Gather up some instruments and let your favorite little people sing along to favorites like BINGO and Down by the Bay.  Don’t worry if you don’t have enough of the same instrument — encourage the kids to switch & share in between verses.

making music birthday party games

The Hokey Pokey

What if the Hokey Pokey is really what it’s all about?  It doesn’t get much easier than this dance!  Kids love to shake it all about and that makes for some seriously silly moments.

the birthday girl

Just remember… simple is better and the most important thing about the day is the time spent celebrating your birthday girl or boy.  Now go eat some cake.

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