I used to be an organized person.  Somewhere between my throwing clean laundry all over my room teenage days and starting a family there was this girl who had kitchen cabinets filled with alphabetized canned goods.  Yes, she once existed.

Having children changes your life — my girls bring me so much joy, but they also add chaos and drama, sandy shorts and dirty socks.  I admire moms who have regular cleaning days and children who take naps and sleep in their own beds.  We don’t have that kind of predictability around here.

In our house, the children are only predictable in this sense…

  • The baby will eat oatmeal.  {Yay!} She will immediately need a bath because the only way she’ll eat it is to feed herself.  She often confuses her ankles for her mouth.
  • The baby will eat yogurt.  {Yay!} She thinks that it’s also good for her hair.
  • They do not like to nap or sleep through the night.  Y’all with babies that sleep through the night at eight weeks old, you have no idea what you’ve got going for you.
  • If you can’t find something, there’s a distinct chance that it’s in the toilet.

Luckily, our evening routine is normal-ish.  Baths and books and more books and lots of prayers and a few sweet dreams until…

“Mom?  Can I sleep with you?”