Working your cardio respiratory system is not always a fun task. In fact, many people hate to do it and have no motivation to do it, but unfortunately, it is the way to burn those unwanted pounds. I’m here to tell you this: YOU CAN HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Running is not the only form of cardio that you can do to help lose weight. In my hometown of Lewisburg, PA there is a wonderful campus known as Bucknell University. They have a state of the art weight room/cardio area that any bodybuilder would love to train at. I’m telling you this because there is a man who inspires me at this gym.

Among all the big buff college guys, this 60-70 year old man walks in with his spandex on and a tiny black tank top every day. He walks in with confidence, puts on his headphones, and starts to dance! Dance! He dances for an hour every day and you know what? It inspires me to tell you that you can do whatever you want to get your heart rate up! By the end of his workout he’s dripping with sweat, and he knows he got the job done. So why not?

 I Don't Sweat I Sparkle

Maybe you don’t want to do it at the gym, but pop in some of your favorite tunes and start to boogy! Different types of movements will burn different calories. Remember, you can’t just focus on one part of your body and expect that part of the fat to disappear. It will disappear around your whole body. So don’t get discouraged if that belly fat doesn’t disappear right away. Keep working hard and eating correctly, and I promise it will go away!

¬†Dancing not your thing? Well here is another approach…Bike! The weather is finally starting to come around and we’re getting that sense of spring/summer air. Go on a tour of the town, and check out all the scenery around you. I bet you’ll get lost in it and not even realize that your legs are on fire. Make sure you’re not just striding along, challenge yourself. I recommend every five minutes you bike real hard on a high resistance for 2 minutes, then back it down for another 5 minutes and repeat. Lets spring into action and get those bodies ready for summer!