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At the advice of every lovely gray haired member of society in grocery stores across the country, I have spent the last six years of motherhood enjoying every fleeting moment.  Enjoy it — it goes by fast!  Indeed it does, and next week marks the beginning of my new life as a member of the parent pick-up line & soccer mom brigade.  Just what I needed life to throw at me –> more time in my mini-van!  Oh, I know.. we all have to do it at some point which is why I’m excited to share with all you busy moms {and dads!} how to stay connected when you’re constantly on the go with the Trio AXS Tablet and its tmobile data plan.

back to school time

First, when I say connection I believe it is most important that we stay connected with the little people in our lives and limit our love affair with technology.  However, if you work from home like me or you’re busy juggling lots of schedules, it’s important to have the ability to stay connected when you’re on the go.  We have so many activities being thrown at us right now — a new football season, Ellie’s starting Kindergarten and playing soccer, I’m joining the Moms’ Group at church & working on campaigns for #CollectiveBias, AND we’re moving… again!

Since scooping up this affordable #TabletTrio at Walmart {$179!!}, we’ve been out & around the city testing out its capabilities and we {Ellie and I} give it four thumbs up.  When I need wireless access, the last thing I want to do is go to a coffee shop with a 1 year old.  With T-Mobile’s Free Data for Life plan, I get up to 200MB of free data each month for the life of the tablet on their advanced nationwide 4G network.  If I want or need more data, I can always purchase affordable and flexible overage-free data plans that fit my user style.

Trio Tablet AXS at Walmart affordable #TrioTablet free 4g data plan #shop

Be sure to ask an associate to get you a $179 Trio AXS Tablet from the case.


Where have we been using our tablet?  First, we saved a tree and accessed our Back to School shopping list in PDF form on our new tablet:

back to school shopping with our #TrioTablet #shop

Next, we’ve been dreaming & scheming at the new house by accessing Pinterest & Lowe’s apps.  Like I mentioned before, we are moving again and I have been using Pinterest more than ever before.  The new house is actually a very old and outdated house and in need of a lot of work.  free 4g data plan from tmobile collageWe’ve been spending a lot of time over there and that’s where the 4G network has come in *very* handy!  We can make plans, choose paint colors, and dream big in the middle of the dark paneled house with this sweet little tablet.

trio axs awesome for pinterest

This tablet is also helping Ellie get ready for back to school and also provide some entertainment when she’s waiting on me.  Here’s a little video she made to tell you how much she likes the T-mobile Trio AXS tablet.

So tell me, if you had a tablet like this, where would you use it?